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Download Megaman X6 Pc Free Full Version (Latest)




EXE series of Mega Man X games and a reboot to the Rock Man series. It was released on May 24, 2007 for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox. The game was met with mediocre reception, although critics praised the graphical improvements over previous Mega Man X titles. It was released for the Wii on June 21, 2007, titled Mega Man X6: Multiplayer Revolution. The game was later released on the PlayStation Portable and PlayStation Vita on August 31, 2008, entitled Mega Man X6: Fuzion Frenzy. Gameplay Mega Man X6 is an action-platformer game played from a third-person perspective. Although the player's movements are controlled through the D-pad, the other face buttons are used for jumping, turning, and opening doors. The right analog stick is used for manipulating objects, and pressing the A button fires the Mega Buster, which is used for dodging and dashing. The Buster has infinite ammunition, but it can also be charged for extra-powerful attacks. Energy is automatically replenished while the Mega Buster is not in use. The game consists of five levels, which are entered by going through a door and defeating enemies. Each level contains a boss, which the player fights upon entering the stage. Every part of the level has a specific function, such as opening a door, or healing the player's Mega Buster. The player has to defeat enemies in order to collect the necessary parts, and combine them to solve puzzle-like obstacles. In the Wii version, the player can play the game cooperatively using the Classic Controller (two players) or Pro Controller (one player) with a second controller as the shield. If the player's score is high enough, a boss will appear in the level. If the boss is defeated, a reward will appear on the level screen. In the Wii version, the player can view the state of his/her partner in the A.I. or cooperative mode. Plot Six years after the events of Mega Man X5, Dr. Wily has kidnapped Commander J and stolen the seven Proto Weapons stolen by him in the previous game, leading to his plan to create a new Mega Man. The new Mega Man, Mega Man X6, is created from an attempt to clone Mega Man X's DNA. Dr. Wily plans to destroy Mega Man X6 to prevent him from surviving, and then to use its prototype weapons to kill the real Mega Man X in the final stage. Mega Man



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Download Megaman X6 Pc Free Full Version (Latest)

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