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Russell Dinkins, the National Civil Rights Activist Championing the 'Roo Running Coach and Program

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

National civil rights activist Russell Dinkins (pictured), who has recently written several viral articles regarding the violation of diversity and inclusivity that colleges cutting their running coaches and programs are embracing, is personally invested in saving the Austin College Distance Track/XC coach and program.

Yep...a nationally renowned advocate for equality is in favor of our cause. Pretty cool, right?

Read his articles to learn who he is, how he's making a difference for people of color in sport by standing up for track and cross country programs across the United States, and why his support of the Austin College cause is as noteworthy as it is impactful.

He says Division III (DIII) is an especially critical division in sport, insofar as people of color are concerned, because DIII colleges don't award athletics scholarships. Without athletics scholarships, the requirements to be on DIII athletic teams aren't as demanding as they are at the Division I (DI) and Division II (DII) levels; more students can qualify to become student-athletes. If they want to join a team, in other words, they can. As a result, everything Russell explains in the articles below applies to the greatest possible number of student-athletes at DIII schools like Austin College.

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