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Diversity Percentages for Austin College Athletics Programs (Last 5 Years)

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

If Austin College had its required NCAA DIII Diversity & Inclusivity Designee, he or she would know the college athletics programs' diversity percentages based on student-athletes' and coaches' self-reported ethnicities, provide those diversity percentages to the public, and be available to answer questions.

Until the college gets one—presumably once the NCAA finishes investigating the athletics department as a result of discriminatory DIII regulations violations, including the lack of a Diversity & Inclusivity Designee—this is the most accurate resource to turn to.

Take a look at the researched tables here, calculated according to archived and current program rosters, with the definition of "person of color" informed by an insightful Insider article on the topic: You'll discover immediately why the Distance Track/XC coach and team are the most diverse athletics program at the college, as well as which of the programs achieve over 50 percent people of color annually.

Hint: a mere two programs do so...the Men's Soccer program, and the Distance Track/XC program. And guess what? The Distance Track/XC program is the one collegiate athletics program comprised of over 50 percent people of color annually as a whole, for both men and women, collectively. #diversityinclusivity #themoreyouknow #mostdiverse #saveacxc #knowledgeispower #standupspeakup #bethechange #AustinCollege #racialjustice

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